For years, JACK & JONES has been working on becoming more sustainable, and by creating a new website called ÔÇťA/BETTER WORLDÔÇŁ the brand aim to collect all their better initiatives to create transparency in the way they work.

JACK & JONES believes in a better way of making clothes. A way that is better for the people, better for the planet, and better for the future. For years, they have been working on becoming more sustainable, more innovative, and more involved in making a change for the future. A/BETTER WORLD is their new website that serves the purpose of collecting all their better initiatives to create a transparent communication. ItÔÇÖs their way of making it easy and accessible for everyone to see how they work on becoming better every day. ÔÇťWe are becoming better every day, one step at a time. And with this new website, we promise you to share how we are doing and what we are learning ÔÇô the good and the bad,ÔÇŁ says Anders Gam, Brand Director at JACK & JONES.


The world is changing, and JACK & JONES want to take part in changing it for the better ÔÇô always striving to be better than yesterday. Therefore, they have named the initiative A/BETTER WORLD. ÔÇťOur manufacturing and sustainability partners are strong, innovative pioneers who work shoulder- to-shoulder with us. And by focusing on transparency, we aim to create a trustful partnership ÔÇô not only to our partners but also to our consumers,ÔÇŁ says Mette Christensen, Buying and Design Director at JACK & JONES.

JACK & JONES is focusing on better materials, a better community, better manufacturing, and better retail ÔÇô making A/BETTER WORLD a versatile initiative. In order to make a bigger impact, they want to make a bigger change. That is why they are focusing on sustainability efforts on all parameters ÔÇô to leave the world better than they found it.