Win the scholarship and achieve your goals.

    Do you strive for professional development and need some help to reach it? Then don't waste time and just apply for the JACK & JONES Scholarship that is aiming to support 3 motivated and inspiring students with the scholarship of 1000€ each. * This scholarship can help you cover the expenses related to your professional development, that can be courses or education fees, conference tickets, travel expenses, professional magazines, books, educational online platforms subscription, etc.

    Who can apply?

    Graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students over 18 years old enrolled in fashion and business-related programs, like business administration, IT, marketing, sales, BI, finance., design, graphic design, videography etc.*

    How to apply?

    Write a motivational letter in English where you clearly explain why you need the JACK & JONES scholarship and how it will help develop your skills and reach your professional goals. The motivational letter should be up to A4 page max (no more than 2500 characters with spaces), and it should give answers to the following questions:

    -What is your professional destination?

    -How will the scholarship help you reach your goals?

    -Why should JACK & JONES choose you?

    You are also expected to include an estimated budget plan that will explain how the scholarship will cover your expenditures. The budget plan should include all the relevant cost and the estimated timeframe.

    We will choose 3 applications that will stand out in terms of innovation, creativity and impact on professional development of an applicant.

    Send your application by email to jjscholarship@bestseller.com no later than 10.01.2020

    Who are we?

    JACK & JONES is a denim breathing brand. We're a brotherhood, a club, a community – and the glue that holds it all together is jeans. The one thing we always strive for is being there for our guys. We're not into any drama, we just want smooth and easy shopping experiences, great jeans, great atmosphere and great Black Friday deals. That's the cornerstone of our brand. That, and the stuff we create; the full ranges of jeans, leather jackets and outerwear, neat suits, shirts and trousers, and urban sports. Looking at it, you'll see that we cover basically any occasion you might end up in.

    *Terms & Conditions

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