The first edition has ended.

Win the scholarship and achieve your goals.

JACK & JONES Scholarship aims to support 3 highly motivated and inspiring students with the scholarship of 1000€ each.* The winners of the first edition were chosen based on the attached motivational letter and budget plan which explained how the scholarship fund would contribute to reaching applicants’ dreams. After careful evaluation of hundreds of applications JACK & JONES chose 3 that stood out in terms of innovation, creativity and impact on the professional development of the candidates.

The winners of the first edition of JACK & JONES Scholarship are:

Molly Turner, University of Westminster

Jasmina Huynh, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Philipp Roszykiewicz, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Will you be next?

Stay tuned, the new scholarship round will run soon. Check this page for the recent updates!

Who are we?

JACK & JONES is a denim breathing brand. We're a brotherhood, a club, a community – and the glue that holds it all together is denim. The one thing we always strive for is being there for our guys. We’re not into any drama, we just want smooth and easy shopping experiences, great jeans and a great atmosphere. That’s the cornerstone of our brand. That, and the stuff we create; the full ranges of jeans, leather jackets and outerwear, neat suits, shirts and trousers, and urban sports. Looking at it, you’ll see that we cover basically any occasion you might end up in.


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