Scholarship Terms JACK & JONES

This scholarship is arranged and carried out by JACK & JONES, a part of BESTSELLER A/S, Fredskovvej 5, 7330 Brande, Denmark, company reg. no. 88216512. By applying for the scholarship you accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions – failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in disqualification.

The scholarship application period runs from 01 October until 10 January 2020. The scholarship is open to graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students over 18 years old enrolled in fashion and business-related programs, like business administration, IT, marketing, sales, business intelligence, finance, communication, economics, accounting, human resources, e-commerce, project management, supply chain management, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, photography, advertising, etc. If you are not sure, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship contact us by email jjscholarship@bestseller.com
The applicants must be residing and studying in one of the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium or Switzerland.

Employees of BESTSELLER A/S, its affiliated companies and members of their households, as well as prior winners of the previous JACK & JONES Scholarship cannot apply for the scholarship.

How to apply

Write a motivational letter in English where you clearly explain why you need JACK & JONES Scholarship and how it will help develop your skills and reach your professional goals. The motivational letter shall be no more than one A4 page (around 2500 characters, including spaces), and it should give answers to the following questions:

-What is your professional destination? -How will the scholarship help you reach your goals? -Why should JACK & JONES choose you?

In addition to the motivational letter, you are expected to attach an estimated budget plan that will explain how the scholarship will help cover your expenditures. The budget plan should include all the relevant cost and the estimated timeframe. The motivational letter shall be sent to JACK & JONES by e-mail to jjscholarship@bestseller.com.

This scholarship will help cover expenses related to your professional development, which can be courses, education fees, conference tickets, travel expenses, professional magazines, books, educational online platforms subscription, etc. It is a condition for participation that the applicant is a student on 10 of January 2020 and at least 3 months thereafter.

JACK & JONES may at any time require documentation that the applicants are students, including prior to the payment of the scholarship.

The application deadline is January 10 2020 by 12.00 PM.

Only one entry per person is permitted.

Choosing the winner

A panel consisting or employees from JACK & JONES' e-commerce department will choose 3 applications that stands out the most in terms of innovation, creativity and impact on professional development of an applicant. In case there are no more than 5 applicants that meet the requirements, JACK & JONES reserves the right to cancel the scholarship. The winner will be announced during the week 3 of 2020 (13-17 January 2020).


The prize consists of three scholarships consisting of EUR 1000, which will be received by each of the 3 winners. The winners will receive the prize by direct bank transfer onto his/her bank account within 30 days. The prize can be subject to personal or prize tax depending on local tax regulation. The winners will each receive EUR 1.000, including income tax, if any, which the winners may be required to pay, up to a maximum amount of EUR 500. The total prize amount therefore cannot exceed EUR 1.500 to each of the 3 winners. JACK & JONES are in no way responsible for the actual payment of income tax by the winners, as it is the 3 winners sole responsibility. Example: The additional payment will be calculated as the standard income tax rate for students in the winner's country of residence applied to the EUR 1000 cash prize. E.g. if a winner resides in a country with a 26 % tax rate, the total amount paid to the winner will be 1.351 EUR calculated as 1000 EUR + (1000/(1-0,26)) = 1000 + 351 = 1351 EUR.

Contacting the winner

The winners will be contacted directly via email. The winner will be contacted after the application period has ended during week 4 of 2020. In case one or more of the winners do not respond within 2 days from the date the winners have been contacted via email, JACK & JONES reserves the right to select a new winner using the same method and amongst already submitted entries. When applying for the scholarship, the applicant agrees that JACK & JONES is allowed to contact the winners and conduct a short interview on how the scholarship helped achieve their goals, as well as use pictures of them while utilizing the scholarship. The interviews and pictures will be used for employer branding purposes.