Christmas jumpers

Days are getting shorter, our wish lists longer and the air is filled with the mouthwatering scent of cinnamon. No doubt, it is Christmas time again. But it wouldn’t be the same without that Christmas jumper, would it? That’s why we’ve picked some awesome pieces as well as subtle colours for you. No matter what you prefer, we’re sure those will evoke some festive vibes.

Make sure to also have some nice and warm gloves and beanies for the colder days. Just look at our accessories and you will find something fancy for sure, promised.

Can you wear Christmas jumpers all year round?

Of course, you can. Do your thing, bro! We’re really into festive jumpers, and we’re all for highlighting it during the holidays. And there’s even special occasions where you can shine in this crazy cool piece of clothing, such as Christmas Jumper Day.

When is Christmas jumper day?

The annual charity event takes place on every third Friday in December and people gather together in festive jumpers to donate money to children in need. So, a jolly Xmas pullover is a great way to rock around the Christmas tree Christmas Jumper Day.

However, it is also the right choice when hanging out with friends & family. Spending time with people you really like is certainly something making the season just a little better. And why not give it a go with those ornaments? You know, just embrace the fact that it’s this time a year and go all-in.

Besides, thanks to the ugly sweater trend there is even another reason to wear fancy jumpers, the crazier the better. Also, a great chance to take a snapshot and share it on insta, isn’t it? So, how to pair this once-a-year-must-have jumper? For the whole holiday experience we recommend to simply combine it with a comfy pair of sweat pants, get cozy and enjoy some cookies and hot chocolate.

Are you searching for the right Xmas party outfit? Still, the cool Christmas pullover is the right choice. Grab a cheeky chino or a more casual pair of jeans, add some warm winter boots and get the party started. And be prepared to absorb all those compliments you’ll get when wearing your fancy jumper.

Bright or subtle

Funny pullovers with lots of details and eye-catching prints rock. From hilarious penguin or reindeer motifs to designs with lights. Let’s be honest, they make Boxing Day even more fun and are sure to add a little extra to your holiday memories and the stories that goes along with them. Why not do a little contest; who’s wearing the best Xmas jumper? The more glittery, crazy and bright the details, the better.

If you want to celebrate the holidays in some more subtle hues and muted tones, we’ve prepared a great variety of traditional pieces like fair isle jumpers. You can also find nordic or vintage designs to spread festive vibes during a normal working day.

Christmas t-shirts

Ok, next to the jumpers we can’t really think of any better way to celebrate the festive season than with a fun yet stylish Christmas print. So much better than a plain and simple shirt, isn’t it? As soon as you put on your favorite Christmas t-shirt you’ll notice an instant mood boost, going along with the nicest winter cheer.

So, why not wear them more often? Bring some of those festive vibes to your daily work life at the office and put a smile on everyone’s faces (hopefully including your boss’). Depending on where you are working, go for the eye-catching one or go with something a little subtler. Next to this, themed t-shirts could be a good choice for those Secret Santa events you might have at work.

Christmas t-shirts as Secret Santa gift?

You might ask yourself: What are good Secret Santa gifts? Trying to choose something funny and quirky as a present for friends and colleagues is not always easy. However, we are convinced that a t-shirt with a chirpy print is something you can’t go wrong with when searching for a suiting Christmas gift.

Plus, you have the full range to choose from. Whether you’re searching for a subtle design in muted colours or a funny t-shirt with fluffy snowball emblems. At JACK & JONES you will find Christmas tees suiting to all types of taste.

How to style Christmas t-shirts

Pairing it with some comfy jeans and a nice cardigan will make even grandma approve. The only thing left is to get a hold of your friends and enjoy the season and have fun! Go-all in; watch some Xmas movies in front of the fireplace, relish your favorite treats and look good in your new Christmas t-shirt.

Whether it’s a funny motif or a subtler design in traditional Christmas colors, with our collection of festive tees, you can’t go wrong. You’ll for sure create some laughable memories when wearing this cool must have. Plus, that Xmas tee is a great ice breaker at the bar. You know, like a reindeer print with embedded bells, a cheerful design with glittery elements, or a Christmas tree with lights. The crazier, the more there is to talk about.

Why Christmas is the best holiday

Christmas is our favorite holiday season probably because you spent lots of time with all the people you actually like. Of course, then there’s all that other stuff too; snowball fights, opening presents, inhaling fresh baked cookies and of course wearing clothing with slightly different motifs than you usually wear.

Sure, some people connect a novelty charm to them, but let’s be honest. Xmas prints rock! If you need to be convinced, go explore our good-looking assortment that will make you want to wear a cool and festive tee immediately. It’s instagramable you know. It might just be the best way to capture some of those good-vibe moments to look back upon.

Christmas themed underwear

Next to jumpers and t-shirts we also have some fancy boxershorts and socks to make your Xmas time even brighter and your memories more colourful.

Discover now the full Christmas collection to find some gift ideas or just something nice for yourself.

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