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    Our world and destination is denim. We are a brotherhood, a community bounded by denim. It's all about being there for our guys, simply just having fun, and looking good! That is why we prepared hundreds of unique styles and concepts so that you can just focus on your passions and your own universe. See, as we said. We always have your back!


    Among all our jeans concepts, Royal Denim Division is undeniably the one wearing the crown. This premium jeans is either left unwashed or treated by the best laundries from Japan and Italy. Selvedge, high quality denim will always make you feel and look good but you probably already know that, don't you?

    Indigo Knit

    If you're looking for the superb comfort, you're looking for the indigo knit. The piece of awesome clothing that looks like denim and feels like sweatwear. What else could you ask for? Indigo knit is a perfect solution for a marathon of video games, hours of skateboarding or just chilling with your buddies.

    Super Stretch

    Move with ease thanks to a pair of super stretch jeans. That extremely flexible jeans doesn't get saggy and always looks great! Wear it with a cool leather jacket, trainers and a basic t-shirt and complete your urban look.

    Low Impact Denim

    We care about our guys but we also, do care about the environment. Put together the passion for jeans and sustainable approach, and you will get the low impact denim. The style that is cut from organic or recycled cotton and production saves 55% of the water. Go green with LID!

    Denim is the new black

    Wearing denim or black, you just can't go wrong. Combine both and you will get a perfect item and every man deserves the best. We prepared for you all the unique black styles in one place. Check out black denim jackets, trousers and shorts.

    Denim is much more than just trousers. At JACK & JONES you will always find stylish and modern jean jackets, shorts and accessories. You can mix and match or wear it all together. As we said before, denim is the new black. You just can't go wrong!

    How to take care of denim?

    If you follow a few simple rules, you will enjoy your favourite pair of jeans for a very long time. First of all, it is not necessary to wash denim. Actually, it is discouraged as every new clean up destroys the original wash. It is enough to leave the piece of clothing outside for a while to refresh the fabric. Stains can be easily removed with a soap and a cloth. There is nothing better than clothes that don't need a lot of care, isn't it?

    Our guys!

    Don't forget to check out our jeans such as Liam, Glenn, Tim, Mike & Fred. One of them will definitely become one of your best friends.