The below terms & conditions apply to our customer club, which is offered by BESTSELLER A/S (Fredskovvej 5, 7330 Brande, Denmark, company registration number 88216512), BESTSELLER Handels B.V. (Sint Jorissteeg 2, 1012 XV Amsterdam, the Netherlands, company registration number 59896604), VILA A/S (Stilling Kirkevej 10, Stilling, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark, company registration number 67756819) as well as local BESTSELLER companies operating our retail stores and related online stores (click [HERE][1] to see full list) (hereafter referred to as “Our Companies”).

1. Your membership

Membership of our customer club is free of charge and non-binding, and you can terminate your membership at any time.

The membership is limited to natural persons with a valid email account. You must be at least 16 years of age to be a member of our customer club, and by signing up you confirm that you are 16 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 16, you can sign up for our customer club by sending a signed confirmation from a parent or guardian to

Companies, groups, or others making commercial purchases are not eligible for membership. The membership may not be used for reselling or profit.

Your membership is personal, non-transferable, and subject to these terms and conditions as well as any other terms and conditions, policies, etc. as approved by you upon taking part of competitions, offers, making purchases and other related services.

It is your responsibility, and a condition for your membership, that you keep your email address and contact details up to date.

You are responsible for all activity conducted through your membership account. This means that you should keep your login details, such as email address and password, secure and private. We advise using a unique password that you don’t use on any other account. If your password or account is compromised, we advise you change it quickly or reach out to our customer service for further assistance.

2. Your benefits

As a member of our customer club, you get an online membership account. In your account you will receive digital receipts for your purchases made in our online shops and in our physical stores, including stores operated by franchisees. You will further have the option to see your past purchases via your membership account.

As member of our customer club, you also get access to special loyalty benefits which may be subject to additional terms & conditions. You can find more information [HERE][2]. We reserve the right to – at any time and without warning – apply minor changes to the terms & conditions for the customer club or related benefits, provided that such changes do not significantly affect your membership negatively.

3. Our communication

By becoming a member of our customer club, you agree that Our Companies may send you direct marketing. Your consent includes marketing materials from the brand(s) you sign up to and any sub-brand.

Our communication and marketing materials can be sent via email, SMS, MMS, post and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and relate to our online shops and stores operated by Our Companies directly or by our franchisees. The content concerns:

• The current and future product range, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, textiles, home accessories, designs, toys, magazines, interior, food products, subscriptions, and the like • Offers, sales, competitions, as well as events and other marketing initiatives • Information about items you have added to your wish list or placed in your online basket. You further agree that this consent may be used to send requests for you to update your consent to include other relevant products, brands, business partners or communications channels.

At any time, you can withdraw your consent to receive marketing material via email or SMS by either following the instructions in the messages we have sent to you, via your membership account, by contacting us at or by submitting a contact form that can be found [HERE][3]. If you choose to withdraw your consent to receive marketing material via email and/or SMS, your membership of our customer club, and any benefits included in your membership, will not automatically terminate unless other terms are set out for the particular benefit.

Please be aware that if you have subscribed to receive information regarding several brands, the withdrawal of your consent regarding one brand will not affect the consent for any other brands that you have subscribed to. You therefore have to unsubscribe from each brand individually.

5. Termination of your membership

You may terminate your membership of our customer club at any time via your membership account, by contacting us at or by submitting a contact form that can be found [HERE][4] .

We, furthermore, reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership in case of violation of these terms & conditions, inactivity, actions that violate applicable laws or actions that are not compatible with the interests of Our Companies. We also reserve the right to terminate our customer club entirely without reason by giving 1 month's written notice.

6. Complaint

In case you have filed a complaint with us, and you disagree with our handling of your complaint, it is possible to submit a complaint via the European Online Dispute Resolution platform, which you can access [HERE][5] .


Our Companies are joint controllers in relation to the customer club. When you sign up as a member to our customer club, you accept that we process your personal data as set out below in addition to our general privacy policy, which you can find [HERE][6] .

1. Our collection and processing of your personal data

Overall, we collect and process your personal data in order to administer your membership of our customer club, provide you with membership benefits and send you targeted communication, marketing and newsletters based on your profile. Below you can find more information about what types of personal data we collect about you, what purposes we use it for and what the legal bases for our use are:

Administration of your membership

To create and administer your membership of the customer club, we use your personal data including your name, address, contacts details, age, gender, date of birth and interests which you provide to us when signing up or add subsequently. When signing-up you will receive a membership number, just as you will need to set up a password for your account. In addition, we collect information when we communicate with you regarding your membership or benefits associated herewith and provide you with customer service.

If you wish you can also update your profile with information about your kids or future due date for the benefit of better recommendations and support on products.

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is your customer club membership agreement, cf. GDPR article 6 (1) (b) and our legitimate interests in providing customer service, cf. GDPR article 6 (1) (f).

Customer Club benefits

We use your personal data to provide you with the various benefits associated with your membership of our customer club. Depending on the nature of the benefits additional information may be collected and registered on your profile such as points, vouchers, customer category etc. You can find more information in the terms and conditions for each particular benefit.

Our legal basis for processing your personal data is your customer club membership agreement and sign-up to benefits, cf. GDPR article 6 (1) (b).


In order to optimize your shopping experience, we strive to send you communication, product information, marketing and newsletters that match your interest and profile, such as birthday greetings. We do this based on segmentation and personalization.

When using segmentation our members are divided into various customer groups based on general and common characteristics such as age, zip code, etc. and the communications and content that you are presented with are then linked to what specific customer group you are part of.

Our aim is to personalize and create relevant content and information which we display to you in our communications, in our apps, on social media platforms or on our websites based on your interests, preferences, and activities such as previous purchases in our online shops and stores. We combine these data with data obtained via cookies or other tracking technologies meaning that when you visit our websites or apps, we register information about what you show interest in and what you buy. We may also record whether you have opened a newsletter and whether you have clicked on the advertisements therein. This information may be combined with other information which you have provided to our advertising partners or which they have collected themselves. Based on this information, we analyze what you are interested in and customize our communication and marketing towards you.

The above types of information are only collected via cookies if you have consented to these types of cookies being placed on your device(s).

Personalization is also offered via individual service in our stores where the store personnel can use the information about you such as previous purchases (both online and in stores) to guide you better in relation to styles, sizes,