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We are only as good as the manufacturers we work with and ours are as good as they come. Like us, they nerd out over material sourcing, how to lower the environmental impact of production and which innovations will keep us all moving forward. Like family, we challenge each other to do better, leaning on each other's expertise to solve problems and push what is possible, all while staying true to who we are and the values we stand for.

We believe this close relationship is pretty unique. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with a consolidated group of just 60 manufacturers, with a core group of 24 manufacturers producing 80% of our products. These manufacturers are true craftspeople, raising standards across the industry from pioneering the development of sustainable materials to developing more people and planet friendly ways to operate.

It’s also one of the reasons why we are focusing on increasing our transparency. For us, the more open we are, the more we can continuously improve. Through our Manufacturing Map, we list the main manufacturers we work with, detailing what they are about, where they are based and how they operate. And, with codes of conduct, human rights policies, protocols and other checks-and-balances in place, we are doing the work to ensure our products are being made more ethically and responsibly.

But real progress happens in the space beyond compliance. Together with our manufacturers and parent company BESTSELLER, we invest in projects focused on elevating the people and communities contributing “behind the scenes”. Like the HERproject™, which as of early 2012 has provided health, financial management and workplace equality training to over 82,000 women across 56 factories of our manufacturers. (Status January 2023)

When it comes to our environmental impact, we are taking a close look at how we source, design and create our products in a more sustainable way. We are committed to ultimately going climate positive and have ambitious Science Based Targets (SBT) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our supply chain. We are also taking action to improve our water and chemical footprint, incorporating innovative dyeing and finishing processes into our collections.

Back at home, we have the JACK & JONES LAB: our own textile laboratory where we test the physical properties and parameters of our products like tear strength, button pull, snagging, pilling, bursting, color fastness, changes of surface and seam slippage. Why does that matter? Because wearing your clothes for longer is one of the most sustainable things you can do. Setting up The LAB is part of our commitment to work in collaboration with our manufacturers to ensure every garment we put onto the market lives up to our defining quality standards.

Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones


The best partnerships are like friendships: you hang with those you have a connection with, you build trust over time and you push each other to do things better. Since we started JACK & JONES we have partnered with, and continue to partner with, the industry's pioneers. We only work with manufacturers that meet our high social and environmental standards, and we have kept our manufacturer base purposely small so that we thereby give the security/commitment and willingness to invest in and develop more sustainable and socially-uplifting practices together.

From the start of JACK & JONES, we have had a strong system for assessing manufacturers on their social responsibility performance. This system allows us to not just measure how manufacturers are doing, but also to discuss improvements and take action.

Each factory

Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones
Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones
Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones


To make real change, we have got to look at the whole picture. Ethical trading, worker health and safety, fair wages, worker empowerment, environmental impact — these are just some of the areas where we are pulling up our denim-shirt sleeves and doing the work. But we cannot do it alone. Alongside our manufacturers and our parent company BESTSELLER, we are involved in a number of high-impact programs and initiatives focused on improving the apparel sector overall.

Worker health and safety. Since 2013, we have been part of the Accord on

Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones


There is no getting away from it, making clothes requires the use of natural resources, which impacts climate change. Being a key player in the industry, we recognize that we have a role to play and can create positive impact when we get things right. We have been working closely with our manufacturers to rethink how we design and create products to minimize our climate impact — from standardizing fits to using automated machinery, cutting down energy use to switching to renewable power. It is all in service of our commitment to ultimately go climate positive and our ambitious Science Based Targets (SBT) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our supply chain.

In 2021, our parent company BESTSELLER’s

Better manufacturing | Jack&Jones


Water and chemicals feature heavily in the production of clothes — traditionally, that is. From water use to dyes and finishes, what goes into clothes can also come out, having a big effect on the environment. Here at JACK & JONES, we take this seriously. Since launching our Low Impact Denim concept in 2012, we have been continuously evolving and improving our processes, teaming up with cutting-edge companies like Jeanologia who are helping to disrupt the industry with their resources saving and, high performance production methods. By partnering with them to push what is possible — and doing it at scale — we are continuing to challenge not only ourselves but the industry to do better.

Through BESTSELLER, we are a member of the Alliance for Water Stewardship. We believe that water

Going above and beyond to make clothes that last

We have a comprehensive testing system for all JACK & JONES products in The LAB, our very own textile laboratory. That is because wearing what you already own and keeping your clothes for as long as possible is one (big) way to minimize your (and our) impact on the environment. Home to experts with the skills and knowledge to test production and performance, The LAB assesses every aspect of your clothes, bringing in manufacturers, buyers and partners to continuously innovate and improve — no cheap, fast-and-easy routes here. Because for us, durability is what JACK & JONES is all about.

The LAB is located at our HQ in Brande, Denmark. There