Getting the best out of a stag do night is about planning, choosing the right clothing and knowing your limits. Follow these tips to survive the bachelor party with your head and pride intact.

Pace yourself

Most of us fall victim to machismo-fuelled self-deception. You may believe you have the alcohol tolerance of a Viking, but you're probably wrong. Know your limits and take your time – you and your distraught liver have the whole night.

Break it up

Eating food before and during a heavy session is proven to slow the effects of alcohol. And drinking water between alcoholic drinks will reduce your rate of intake. Plus keeping hydrated and sticking to similarly coloured drinks will decrease the likelihood of a bad hangover.

Stay connected

Seen ‘The Hangover'? Someone always gets lost. A printed itinerary, with telephone numbers, is bachelor-party GPS. If you do become separated from the pack, you'll need some battery life. Slip a power bank in your pocket – just remember to charge it beforehand.

Be prepared

Spending the night away from home? Attack that impending headache from hell, and pack some tried and tested hangover cures. And having fruit and veg to hand in the morning will help replenish your obliterated vitamin levels.

Avoid the car

Strong campaigning means fewer people are drinking and driving at night. But more and more drinkers are being arrested between 5am and noon. Don't drive too soon. Even if you feel okay by lunchtime, you could still be over the limit. Better still, leave the car at home.

Set a budget

Excessive alcohol with copious amounts of peer-pressure is a recipe for…well anything. Do yourself and your credit rating a favour: only have the amount you plan to spend (plus some emergency money) on your card or in cash.

No social media

Speak to the organiser and insist on a group-wide social media ban. It's now common practice for employers to search social media to screen candidates – and let's remember: the internet never forgets.

Dress smart

Remember to check bar and nightclub dress codes. You're going to have a long day, night and possibly weekend – alcohol, food and perhaps some competitive activities. Comfort should be high on your list of requirements. But it needn't come at a cost to style. Want to see what we mean? Explore party looks here – and celebrate his final days of freedom in style.