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Better retail | Jack&Jones


From when a product leaves the manufacturer’s factory to the moment it reaches your hands (and beyond), we are finding new, efficient and energy-conscious ways to reduce our footprint. For us, that is what ‘Better Retail’ is all about.

We are increasing our activities on climate action and since the end of 2021 our own and operated buildings are covered by 100% renewable electricity. We are also reviewing and reducing how much electricity we use, beginning with our owned and operated buildings. We have a target to reduce our overall energy consumption in these buildings by 30% (from 2018) by 2025.

Reducing waste is another focus for us. A heck of a lot of time, energy and resources goes into the clothes we make, and we want that to change. That is why we are focused on incorporating a circular mindset and lean production principles into the way we design, make, package, store and transport our products.

Speaking of packaging. From the bags protecting your clothing in transport, to the boxes you receive your orders in, we are working hard to reduce what we create and use. Increasingly, the packaging we use is made from recycled or responsibly sourced materials, with hang tags and care labels getting the same treatment. By 2025, all consumer-facing packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable.

And because how you care for your clothes is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle, we offer care guides, repair kits and in-store repair services to help you keep your JACK & JONES clothes in action for as long as possible. When it really is time to let go of your favorite t-shirt, top or jeans, our partnerships with Fashion to Fiber, I:Collectand Nivogo means we are able to reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as possible.

Better retail | Jack&Jones


Improving the climate impact of our whole supply chain means making positive changes to the way we operate. From our total energy consumption down to which light bulbs we use, every aspect of JACK & JONES is being reviewed and worked on, because it all adds up right? We are proud to say that as of 2021, all of our owned and operated buildings are powered by 100% renewable electricity. We are going digital for more events, designing new ways to reduce electricity and material use.

In 2021, we hit our target of covering all of our owned and operated buildings by 100% renewable electricity. And by 2025, in line with target, our goal is

Better retail | Jack&Jones
Better retail | Jack&Jones


“Less is more”. True when it comes to style and true when it comes to using valuable resources. By 2025, 100% of key waste streams from our head offices and logistics centers, like paper, cardboard, metal and plastic, will be recycled or reused. Across the board, we are taking an “everyone in” approach to explore waste-saving ideas from on-site cleaning to an online portal for analyzing returns.

In recent years, we have been testing various circular business models and implementing the ones that we can see working at scale.

We are also focused on reducing waste in other areas of our operations. For example:

● In 2020, a team across BESTSELLER tested over 100 ideas


Bags, boxes, hang tags, labels — it all adds up. That is why changing how we package and tag our products is a big priority for us. We are phasing out virgin plastic and opting for recycled materials, while designing new processes that cut our need for packaging all together. Since beginning of 2022, all plastic polybags used to protect and ship JACK & JONES products come from recycled sources. All our paper-based tags such as e.g. hangtags, jacrons and batches are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and our care labels are 100% recycled polyester. By 2025, all consumer-facing packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Right now all of our polybags, which are used to protect clothes in transport, are made from third party certified recycled plastic. It

Better retail | Jack&Jones
Better retail | Jack&Jones
Better retail | Jack&Jones


The lived-in look. It is a style that never goes out of fashion. Handy too, as keeping hold of your clothes for a long time is the most sustainable thing you can do. At JACK & JONES, we are all about designing quality clothing that lasts — it is literally woven into the fabric of what makes us, us. Check out The Lab to see our process in action and read our guide to taking care of your clothes here. Many rips and tears can be fixed with our repair kits or with help from our in-store repair service (available in select stores). We are increasing our recycling initiatives to reuse and repurpose what is already out there.

Taking good care of your clothes means less washing — something we can all get behind, especially when that also means you are saving water and energy (great for your utilities

Better retail | Jack&Jones
Better retail | Jack&Jones