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The Danish menswear brand presents a new visual identity following up on last year’s strategic redirection. This autumn a new look will be presented across the platforms of JACK & JONES, as the menswear brand reveals a whole new visual identity. The new expression is rooted in the brand’s denim history. “Our core business has always been and always will be jeans. We want to focus on what we do best. In the wake of our strategic redirection, we’ve looked at our brand from a consumer perspective and decided to refresh and implement initiatives to further develop our business”, says Brand Director in JACK & JONES, Anders Gam.

Company history

JACK & JONES was founded as a jeanswear brand in Denmark in 1990. From small beginnings it has evolved into one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear. The brand started up with just a small team of guys with a strong passion for jeans – and that is still the backbone of the brand. The new visual identity includes a new logo, new use of colours and fonts, as well as a stronger communication focus of the brand’s core values and brotherhood message. Through strong visuals and a rethought tone-of-voice, the brand will shape its communicational efforts around its four brand values: Masculine, Social, Refresh, Craftsmen. “The new visual identity brings strength and simplicity to the appearance of our brand, extending a cohesive look and voice of JACK & JONES. This is the next step for us. We wanted to focus on our denim roots, and by amplifying our company culture, our brand values and our core business through our new visual identity we’ve done just that”, Peter Kristiansen, Brand Director at JACK & JONES, elaborates. With the new visual identity, JACK & JONES will appear more relevant and thereby attract new consumers. Several other actions have already been initiated during the past months to cater for a broader audience. “Recently we expanded our product portfolio with plus size collections and collections for younger consumers aged 8-16. By widening our size specs we’re able to cater for a wider audience and create lifetime consumers”, Anders Gam elaborates.

Jeanswear at the centre

When it comes down to it, the collections are what matters the most. JACK & JONES is a menswear brand – with jeans at the centre. Other than an extensive range of jeans, the brand offers three collection lines to cater for different occasions and trends. Items labeled “ORIGINALS” are fun, casual and trend focused. Items labeled “CORE” have a sharp graphical edge with urban sportswear references. Items marked “PREMIUM” offer tailoring as well as timeless classics. The common denominator is that all JACK & JONES collections tie in with the jeans range of the brand.


JACK & JONES has over 1000 retail stores across several markets and therefore the new visual identity will be implemented in a step-by-step process starting from autumn 2018. Retail windows, jackjones.com and brandcommunication platforms will pioneer the new visual identity.

For further information, contact: Malene Lehmann Public Relations, JACK & JONES M: +45 52154875, E: malene.jensen@bestseller.com


JACK & JONES was founded as a jeanswear brand in Denmark in 1990. From small beginnings, the brand has evolved rapidly and is now the largest business unit within the BESTSELLER A/S group and is the biggest menswear retailer in Europe. The brand has offices around the world, and in the Denmark-based headquarters, 400 employees work with design, buying, sales and marketing. Jeans and jeanswear are the core business of the JACK & JONES brand, however the product portfolio also covers tailoring, urban sportswear, footwear and accessories. JACK & JONES offers several collections throughout the year. With jeans as the focal point, JACK & JONES develops collections covering all occasions and fashion trend needs of young men. The JACK & JONES story More than a quarter of a century ago, we set out to take on the world. We were just a couple of guys with our first jeans collection and a passion for denim that couldn’t be denied. Many guys (and some girls) joined our team since 1990 – but it’s still all about the jeans. Our brand is defined by the guys that make us who we are and whom we’re proud to represent. Our brand is a brotherhood, a club, a community - bonded by denim. And in that community, we have one objective – being there for our guys. Making their lives easier, a lot more fun and stylish. Not everyone can claim the same denim heritage as us. With the know-how we’ve acquired throughout the years, we dare to say that we are among the best in the field. When it comes to denim we know what we’re talking about – from fits to fabrics and finishing. We believe that jeans are the most important item in any guy’s wardrobe. Our ultimate aim is to make guys feel proud, secure and satisfied when wearing our clothes and being in our universe. When it comes to good quality, good service, and good vibes – we never compromise. Our universe is a drama free zone, it is shopping made easy. This is the philosophy behind our brand.