If you haven't done so yet, read part 1 of How we make our jeans. Making a pair of JACK & JONES jeans is no simple feat. The stitching step is where we can really put our craft into action. Stitching a pair of jeans involves a lot of teamwork. Your average men´s jeans pass through various stitching stations and the job carried out at each station is equally crucial for the final result.

The Stitching Process Starts On a Computer

Okay, didn't we just say that stitching is a manual process? That's right, but before the seamstresses can start churning out awesome jeans, they need to know which pieces go together. That's where the pattern maker enters the stage. Once the sewing patterns are developed and approved, they will be printed on paper and placed on as many as sixty layers of fabric. Then, the pattern cutter uses a jigsaw-like cutting machine to cut out all the pieces. There is absolutely no room for errors – a wrong turn with the saw can't be undone.

15 Minutes of Needle Work

Once the denim is cut into pieces of legs, pockets, waistbands and so on, the sewing can begin. A generic pair of five-pocket jeans consists of around 20 individual pieces of fabric and it takes around 15 minutes of sewing and crafting to form a pair of jeans. If the jeans have special design features such as extra pockets, there will be more pieces and the sewing will take a little longer.

Most of the stitching is done manually on sewing machines in assembly lines. Despite being optimised by technology, the stitching process is rooted in dexterity; it requires great hand and eye coordination, but you better believe that our seamstresses know how to handle a sewing machine. When the jeans are stitched, they go through thorough controls to make sure that they meet our quality standards. The stitched raw jeans are packed according to style and are sent off to the laundries to be washed and treated.

Facts about the sewing process:

-On average, 1.35 metres of wide loom fabric are used for one pair of jeans

-240 metres of thread are used for a pair of five-pocket jeans

-While it takes 15 minutes to stitch a pair of five-pocket jeans, the average time needed for a pair of jeans to go from the cutting stage to its final washed look is 1.5 hours.