1. Carbon-Zero Tencel Jeans
  1. Carbon-Zero Tencel Jeans

Low impact solutions do not grow on trees — unless we are talking about TENCEL™ fibers.


Made from renewable wood pulp from certified forests, the TENCEL™ fibers are compostable, biodegradable, water efficient and fully traceable. And its latest offering — carbon-zero TENCEL™. We have just added it to the JACK & JONES portfolio of Better Materials, and we are pretty excited about it. Want to know why?


● Carbon-zero TENCEL™ fibers are made with innovative tech and more efficient manufacturing methods that cut down on energy use and reduce emissions


● Lenzing – the textile company behind the TENCEL™ brand – is using renewable energy at its production sites where these fibers are made


● Any unavoidable carbon emissions are offset by investing in three global carbon reduction projects in Bangladesh, India and Thailand


● Lenzing has even got their raw material suppliers on board, reducing the carbon footprint of their supply chain by extending their carbon-neutral targets beyond their own operations


● The result is a process that has passed the strict CarbonNeutral Protocol from Natural Capital Partners to be certified CarbonNeutral®

  1. Carbon-Zero Tencel Jeans
  1. Carbon-Zero Tencel Jeans



We are starting by using carbon-zero TENCEL™ Lyocell in a range of brand new jeans, including the TIM ORIGINAL CJ 415 and TIM ORIGINAL CJ 515 [It makes up 38% of the fiber blend alongside organic cotton, cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative and recycled elastane.


TENCEL™ Lyocell is made by dissolving the wood pulp in a closed loop system, where 99.7% of the organic solvent used is recovered and reused, making it a superstar ingredient for cleaner jeans. So, it fits right in with our A/BETTER WORLD promise.


We are proud to be among the lucky few to test drive this fiber. That is all thanks to our Fashion FWD Lab, through which we collaborated with LENZING™ on the product development stage of Carbon-Zero TENCEL™ as part of our mission to drive sustainable innovation through collaboration.

  1. Carbon-Zero Tencel Jeans



While carbon-zero TENCEL™ is a new addition to our portfolio of innovative materials, we have been using traditional TENCEL™ Modal and TENCEL™ Lyocell in our collections for some time.


The eucalyptus and beech wood that goes into all TENCEL™ fibers is fully traceable – meaning we can sleep easy knowing that our clothes are not contributing to deforestation. Plus, by replacing 75% of our all man-made cellulosic fibers like lyocell, modal and rayon to traditional TENCEL™ Lyocell in 2020, we reduced our carbon footprint by 144 tonnes.


That leaves 25% to work on, but by 2022, we will source all of our man-made cellulosic fibres responsibly in line with the industry best practice, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Carbon-zero TENCEL™ sets a pretty high standard for the fibers we want to work with, and we are excited to see what we can create with it next.